The Sovereign One

January 5, 2010

What an awesome God we serve! Surely it would be in our best interests to follow the advice of King Darius: “people should tremble and fear before the God of Daniel” (Daniel 6:26).

The more I realize that I cannot avoid the parts of my theology that trouble me, the more I realize my God must be sovereign over it all. I could never face the terrible things to come (see the visions of Daniel and John) if my Lord did not have power and control over everything. And while it may still terrify me to think about, I know that the truth of even these troubling visions is not to be ignored.

I must remind myself that the God I serve is bigger than my fear, bigger than the evil in this world. In fact, he is the ultimate conqueror and ruler of all, and his is not a dominion to be afraid of. He certainly inspires “fear and trembling”, but he also inspires great love and devotion. We should look forward to his reign with great hope and eagerness, for our Lord is good and just.

Come quickly.