Our 1st Christmas

December 27, 2009

This Christmas was a lot different from all the ones before it. Being able to celebrate it with Dave was very special. I went a little overboard with presents because it was our first Christmas together, but it was so much fun to watch him get things he’s been wanting but never asked for. It really is more fun to give than to  receive.

The only thing about Christmas after getting married is that you start to notice things about your family that you never saw before. All of a sudden you start viewing them through your spouse’s eyes, and they seem a little (or a lot) stranger. I feel like, on some level, I must have always known these things about my family, but they didn’t seem so obvious until I brought Dave with me. I just kept praying that I wouldn’t let this newfound insight hinder my ability to love them. Even with the awkward family revelations, I really enjoyed this Christmas.

As for my birthday… It was good and bad, but I’m choosing to  move past the bad.