At the end of the day, the lightbulb finally came on.

December 24, 2009

I spent all day today jumping from one negative emotion to the next: boredom, annoyance, impatience, anger, sadness… You get the idea. Well, Dave and I finally got home, and as I sat down to read, it dawned on me that this whole day has been a successful attempt on the part of my Enemy to distract me from the joy of Christmas.

I’m not the kind of person who sees a demon hiding in every bush, but this was an obvious spiritual attack–one that I should have seen sooner. But even if this revelation came late in the day, I’m still glad it came. I’m glad that I saw and acknowledged it before going into Christmas day. I would hate to have spent my Christmas bound up in an emotional ball of negativity.

The truth really is freeing. Thank you for opening my eyes, Holy Spirit.


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