A Blessing for Baby

December 17, 2009

The one thing about this blog is that it prevents me from just going to bed when I’m tired. Inevitably, I have forgotten to write earlier in the day and am forced to  come up with something coherent for you all to read. Still, I am glad that I made this commitment. I think it’s good for me to take a few minutes to reflect and glean what I can from my day.

Today I met with a new friend from church who could potentially be my boss. She and her husband want to find someone to watch their son three days a week, so we met up for a couple of hours today. As girls tend to do, we got into a rather serious (but good) conversation about having children. Before she and her husband started trying to get pregnant, she began to pray that God would only give her a baby if he was going to bless him/her. She knew that her desire was to have a baby, but she was determined to wait patiently for the Lord’s blessing.

I cannot explain to you the kind of conviction coupled with admiration that I felt when she told me that. As much as it scares me to pray such a thing, I feel very strongly that I should. It seriously terrifies me to think about waiting for an indefinite amount of time for God to bless my future child and me and Dave as parents. Deep down, though, I know I must make her prayer my own.

Pray that God would silence my irrational fears and trust him. I know experientially that he is good and he wants to bless me. Pray that he would daily remind and assure me of that. And, as always, thank you for your support that ties us together even if we’ve never met.


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